Certainly a weird year, having to adapt the way we live our lives with the challenges of a global pandemic forcing us to shut down in early March. 

With the lockdown it was not possible for the Rural Magpie monthly Antiques & Vintage Fairs nor the Jewellery Fairs to go ahead, along with all events across the country being postponed or cancelled. 

Having to stay at home, I spent time here on the website and on social media platforms, discovering Instagram, as well as gardening and planting out vegetables. 

With the easing of restrictions in the summer, we did manage to get away for a short break to the Isle of Wight. Managing to catch up with family and friends.  We stayed in a converted Saw Pit at Wroxall, Ventnor which was beautifully designed. 

 Vintage Caravans at Niton Undercliff IoW

Vintage caravans at Castlehaven Caravan site with its lovely outside beach café near Niton Undercliff, Isle of Wight.

At home our scheduled but delayed building works for a kitchen extension began. 

Building works commenced, foundations down, walls going up.  



The build coming to an end with windows, roof lantern, bifold doors and French doors being installed.  

Keeping it local we used Paxtons Home Improvements Limited for the build and all the glass installation. 

Kitchen We just love our handle-less kitchen in green from Wren Kitchens. Almost finished. Waiting on the floor.

Our lovely new kitchen extension / orangery was finished just in time for Christmas with me having done the majority of the painting and decorating.  However, with restrictions changing again, we were unable to have our planned family Christmas and could not show off the new kitchen.

Instead of being with family, my husband and I spent Christmas on our own, just chilling with movies and mince pies which was wonderful.  We had a fabulous Christmas Day lunch at The Three Hills, Bartlow which was truly yummy.  Definitely worth a visit when restrictions allow.

(By the way, I don't think I am cut out to be a vegetable gardener, the vegetables didn't do too well!)




Even though we remain in Lockdown and we do not know what is in store for us in the coming months, I will step into 2021 with positivity and look forward to new beginnings. 

This January changes are already being made with the exit from the European Union, the commencement of the vaccination program and a new American President, Joe Biden. 

To help lift our spirits, I am introducing a new section to my blog, entitled GOLDMINE (meaning a source of wealth, valuable information, or resources). In this section, I will be highlighting a few of my loves whether it be lifestyle, jewellery and fashion, or places to eat.


I have already touched on the The Three Hills, Bartlow which is an award winning restaurant, set in a pretty little hamlet in South Cambridgeshire on the borders with Essex and Suffolk.   The Three Hills is a charming dog friendly country pub and has six, high standard, ensuite rooms. This is definitely one of my favourite places to eat.  The Three Hills are currently offering a takeaway service. 

I hope you like the bar stools at our kitchen island. Whilst on a mission for stools, I came across Cult Furniture.  Check them out if you like modern and mid-century furniture designs. 

Keep well and safe.  Wash hands and keep your distance from others.

Happy New Year and thank you for taking the time to read this blog.